Quinn and [livejournal.com profile] imthenewguy
For Footballer Sam verse

Quinn had somehow managed to get Sam out of the house on one of his nights home. The season was going great, and she was so proud of him, but sometimes she liked to have a night out like a "normal" (aka not-famous) couple. A new club had opened in town, and only the upper crust could even afford to get in. Quinn liked that just fine, as it meant that they wouldn't be mobbed by Sam's adoring fans. She made sure she looked smoking hot, before walking out of the bathroom into their bedroom. Sam was facing the other way, so she spoke up with a naughty grin. "How do I look, babe?"
Who? Sam and Quinn Evans
Where? Their house
When? About 2 years after they got married. :)
What? Quinn has a surprise.
Rating: SFW atm

Quinn was so nervous. Sam would be home any minute now from work, and dinner was nearly ready and she was excited, but so nervous that her hands were shaking. She heard his key in the door, and her hand quickly patted her flat stomach as if to make sure it was still there before walking into the living room to meet him.
Who? Quinn and [livejournal.com profile] imthenewguy
When? The night of this thread
Where? Quinn's house
Rating: Grownups only...

Quinn was so excited that Sam was staying with her tonight. Her mother was out of town, and she'd get to have him all to herself. It would be special... A night just the two of them, watching a movie, relaxing together, and then he'd be there to snuggle as she went to sleep. They'd gone to the hotel after school to get some things together for Sam, and now they were all set for a night of cuddling, watching movies (Quinn had chosen the Spiderman flicks, because they had the best love story, in her opinion, of the superhero movies), and just being together.

"I'm so glad you're here with me..." she whispered, shifting to sit a little closer to him.

Sweetie, thank you so much for the bear... He's so adorable! I'll cuddle with him every night until we're old enough for me to cuddle you instead. <3 I love you so much, sweetheart.

Quinn x
Who? [livejournal.com profile] imthenewguy and Quinn Fabray
Where? McKinley High
When? Thursday afternoon
Rating: PGish?

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