Who? [livejournal.com profile] but_idontlie and [livejournal.com profile] woman_or_a_girl (with the Berry men, Beth, and Puckermom present)
What? Hanukkah miracles.. ;)
When? The third night of Hanukkah 2015
Where? Puckermom's house
Rating: PG-13ish
For: [livejournal.com profile] afterglee verse

Hanukkah is always an exciting time of year. Even more so now that Quinn has made the choice to join her family in the Jewish faith, and is well on her way to her formal conversion. She eats up every chance to experience more and more of the traditions and practices of her new faith.

This time is different in more ways than one, and after the candles have been lit, and Beth has insisted on playing Dreidel for hours on end, it seems, Quinn moves from where she's sitting on Puck's lap and turns to kiss him as she pulls away. "I just need to run to the ladies' room, okay?" she says softly, giving his hand a soft squeeze.

There is definitely a difference in their relationship since they got married and Puck's vasectomy was reversed, and they've been trying for months now to get pregnant. It hasn't worked so far, but their rabbi gave them the suggestion of following the old Jewish law for a while... specifically the law of niddah, which reduces how often they make love, but concentrates it more firmly in the times of the month that Quinn is ovulating. It's definitely been difficult, but it's challenged them in their relationship to find other ways to be intimate, and Quinn has to say, lying curled up with Puck in their bed in pajamas, which, any other time, usually don't stay on very long, is nice.

It still amazes her every day what a good man her husband has become in the years since he got her pregnant. He's tender, loving, gentle... A great father, and a devoted husband... all things she never saw him being before. It's not just about the sex for him. And she loves that.

Which brings even more meaning to the reason she's excused herself. She fishes in her purse for the pregnancy test she purchased the night before. She'd almost asked Puck to be with her while she does it, as has been a monthly tradition with them now since they got married. But the disappointment in his eyes when the test is negative breaks her heart every time, and she begins to wonder if it's her that's causing them not to get pregnant.

Until the moments pass and the test says very clearly Pregnant. She shakes it a time or two and looks at it again. Still pregnant.

She's pregnant.

Oh, God, she's pregnant!

She's not sure how she manages it, but she goes down the stairs quickly, unable to keep the ridiculous smile off her face as she settles back onto Puck's lap and embraces him tightly. She wants to wait to tell him in private, but she just can't, and her lips press softly against his ear as she whispers to him, "Noah, I'm pregnant."
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