Puck and Quinn
Everything changes at Hanukkah

Winter brings holidays, and they are some of the hardest Quinn has ever had. Christmas with her kids while Puck celebrates with Lauren and the girls, and while she knows it's for the best, and keeps the peace with Sam, she wants her husband there with her. Christmas has always been a family affair, and now, their families are different, and Quinn can't be with her husband and her kids at the same time.

Still, after each night of Hanukkah with his girls, Puck has come home with her, to have their own little celebration. Puck tells the story of Hanukkah to his son growing (almost there, by now) in his wife's womb, and Quinn watches as he lights the candles.

But tonight?

Tonight feels different.

A blanket of snow covers everything, and Quinn sits on the couch, her body tired. Carrying Jake and Ava hadn't been this exhausting. Her hand resting where Benjamin's feet are pressing hard, she stands up and crosses over to Puck, her hand curling around his. "I... I want to light the candles tonight... If you'll show me?" she asks softly.
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