Who? Quinn and Puck
When? Friday night, around 1 a.m.
Where? Faberry Apartment
What? In which Quinn is lonely and sober...
Rating: Gonna go ahead and say NSFW just for safety's sake.

Quinn can't sleep. It's past midnight, and she tosses and turns in her bed, frustration written across her face. She picks up her phone, scrolls through her texts (mostly from Rachel, and a couple from work friends), and puts it back down. Seconds later, she picks it up again, scrolls through her contacts, and pauses in the S's, where Rachel has changed Puck's name to Satan. Her thumb hovers over the touch screen, the name Satan far more tempting than it should be.

Things had definitely gone oddly between them the night they had sex, and Quinn isn't sure what makes her want to text him back. She full on moped for over a week, and Rachel was worried, and even now, she thinks what a stupid decision it would be to get in touch with him.

She sets her phone back on the bedside table, turning her back to it, closing her eyes, and forcing herself to concentrate on breathing, but even with eyes closed, the room feels as if it's closing in on her, and she flips over quickly to snatch the phone back off the table. The touch screen hasn't even faded, and Puck's number is still there, in the middle of her screen, Satan in big white letters.

Heart pounding, Quinn does the last thing she should do. Makes contact.

Text Message
From: quinn fabray

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