Who? Quinn Fabray and [livejournal.com profile] singingprodigy
When? Thursday afternoon
Where? The Faberry apartment
What? In which Quinn and Jesse converse
Rating: PG-13

Quinn walked into the living room after finishing up a creative writing final project and submitting it online to find Jesse on the couch, and Rachel nowhere to be seen. With a little huff, she rolled her eyes and walked past him to the refrigerator. Apple juice, soy milk, ranch dressing (all out of date), and a box of wine. Yes. A box.

She crossed over to the cabinet, finding a Dixie cup and filling it with box wine. Ever the classy one, that Quinn Fabray. With a groan, she walked over and sat down on the love seat. "Hi," she said lazily.
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Quinn Fabray [Glee]
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